Employment Opportunity Application

Fargo delivery Systems is looking for punctual, reliable and experienced drivers to join our team.  We are

only as good as the people who represent us.  We are looking for couriers who care about what they

are doing; want to make a difference and care about the client’s experience.  To make sure we

accomplish this, we will send you through a comprehensive orientation program to ensure you meet

our requirements on the road and are ready to handle sensitive medical specimens in the field.

 Are you an experienced courier with a professional appearance?

 Do you have a fuel efficient and well-running vehicle in good shape?

 Need flexible hours with a company that can offer work around the clock to meet your need,

weekends also?

 Do you have an excellent sense of urgency which is necessary to succeed in the courier field?

 How strong is your courier IQ?

Complete the information below or call us to discuss how you might be able to join the team Fargo Delivery & Logistics.